TayNew and OffGun Prove Why They Are GMMTV's Power Couples

Gelo de Vera

Tay, New, Off, and Gun successfully held their first-ever BELUCA Fanmeet in the Philippines last December 16 at the New Frontier Theater and they were greeted by the most energetic and sold-out crowd!

Presented by Wilbros Live and GMMTV, the BELUCA 1st Fanmeet in Manila showcased engaging fanmeeting bits to get to know the couples as well as a fun mini-concert that allowed the actors to perform for their Babiis and Polcas!

The "Fanmeeting" featured a great number of performances from four actors, including solo and couple performances. Hosted by Mela Habijan, Beluca Nation got to enjoy seeing their favorite actors play fun games such as "This Or That", "XO", and more! Alongside just playing, fan meet host Mela was able to squeeze out the boys with memorable punchlines and charming reactions- only a poised and confident host can do!

Highlights of the said fanmeet include having the actors say some Filipino slangs including "Charot," "Deserve/Dazurb," and "Get, get, aw," which definitely went viral instantly!

The fanmeeting proved how big of a couple both TayNew and OffGun are as they were greeted by a sold out and energetic crowd. After years of waiting, Beluca Nation (Babiis and Polcas) finally got to meet and thank their favorite Thai actors through a solid and engaging fanmeet. Many attendees shared that these couples have saved them during the pandemic with their BL series and Filipino fans definitely showed up and will always show up for Tay, New, Off, and Gun. 

The fanmeet is a testament to how well respected the two couples are in the industry as even after years of being in the BL industry, they still have solid fanbases always waiting for them. 

Both couples have appeared on many GMMTV shows including Theory of Love, Dark Blue Kiss, Our Skyy, Cherry Magic, to name a few.  And we cannot wait to see more of what they have up in their sleeves! 

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