AltG Records’ Sala tackles societal pressures with debut single “Hi, Tita!”

Christian Melanie Lee
OPM band Sala is set to release their debut single AltG Records, “Hi Tita!,” this March 15 on digital platforms worldwide.


The song tackles the relatable and often uncomfortable experience of being pressured by family and friends to get married and have children.

“‘Hi, Tita!’ is for people who are being pressured by people around them to get married and have a baby. It’s an experience most of us are having. We just want our listeners to know that they don’t have to give in to that pressure. You don’t have to rush anything, and there’s nothing wrong in choosing career over your relationship. Prioritize your priorities. Sabi nga sa lyrics ng kanta, ‘walang masama kung lamang ang kayod sa kilig,” explains vocalist Neth Macam.

Fourth, the band’s drummer and percussionist, elaborates on the song’s title, “‘Hi, Tita!’ is the title because it’s usually the ‘titas’ who are asking. They don’t understand why people nowadays are choosing to focus on their careers and personal growth before settling down. It’s a message against outdated mindsets.”

Sala started as a trio with Neth Macam, Fourth Dayag, and Ronald Villadar, the band’s bassist. They later met Rigil Kentaurus Borromeo, the band’s guitarist and producer. With a shared passion for music and a strong bond of friendship, the band is determined to make a name in the music industry.

“AltG Records provided us with a platform to share our music with a wider audience. We are grateful for the opportunity to have our voices heard,” says Fourth.

Catch Sala’s debut single “Hi, Tita!” under AltG Records on March 15 on digital platforms worldwide.

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