Wanderland Wonders: 5 Things That Totally Made Sense At the Festival

Celine Conde

As the music fades and the memories linger, let's take a moment to relive some of the highlights that made Wanderland 2024 more than just a festival—it was an experience like no other. Here are five things that just made perfect sense:

1. Free Water Refill Stations from Klean Kanteen PH: Say goodbye to single-use plastic! Wanderland encouraged attendees to bring their reusable bottles and even gave their VIPs pretty reusable cups. Not only did this reduce waste, but it also kept everyone hydrated and happy throughout the event.


2.      2. Nursing Station and Playground for Little Wanderers: It's all about inclusivity! Parents could groove to the beats knowing their little ones were safe and having a blast in the designated playground. Keeping everyone happy and entertained? Absolutely genius.


3.     3. QR Code Ordering at the GrabFood Zone: Waiting in line for food is a thing of the past. With QR code ordering, attendees could scan the code of their selected food vendor, place their order, and relax until it was ready for pick-up. More time for music and less time in queues? Yes, please!


4.      4. Trash Segregation Stations: Keeping Wanderland clean and green! Trash segregation stations were strategically placed, encouraging attendees to dispose of their waste responsibly. It's all about taking care of our planet while enjoying the festival vibes.


5.      5. PAL Star Exclusive Viewing Deck: For those VIP vibes! The exclusive viewing deck offered a prime view of both stages and comfy seating, giving VIPs a chance to enjoy the music in style. What a game-changer!


These genius touches not only enhanced the experience but also set a standard for future festivals. By focusing on sustainability, inclusivity, and convenience, Wanderland showed us that a festival isn't just about the music—it's about the experience and the community that comes together to celebrate it.

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