Pulp Summerslam XX marks the farewell for Filipino heavy metal fans

Christian Melanie Lee
After 20 years bringing the best bands in rock genre, Pulp Summerslam marks the end of the era. It has been the mecca of heavy metal and rock scene in the Philippines. 

Thousands of metalheads flock to this iconic music festival to indulge in a day of headbanging, moshing, and pure metal madness.

The said festival showcased powerful lineup. Italian symphonic death metal band FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE delighted the crowd as Brazilian all-female death metal prowess CRYPTA vibrated Amoranto Stadium. With the distinct sound of South Korean band ROLLING QUARTZ, they were loved by the metalheads. 

Japanese heavy metal band PROMPTS showcased their melodic metal elements. With Fit For An Autopsy, LA Dispute, and Story of the Year, they blasted the stage with their hardrocking songs that everyone in the crowd singing along.

Since its inception in 2001, Pulp Summerslam has provided a platform for both local and international heavy metal acts to showcase their talent. From legendary bands like Slayer and Megadeth to homegrown acts such as Slapshock and Greyhoundz, Pulp Summerslam has consistently delivered an explosive lineup that catered to the diverse tastes of metal enthusiasts.

Pulp Summerslam XX marks the end of an era for Filipino heavy metal fans. This serves as a testament to the festival's lasting impact on the local heavy metal scene. 

While it may be a farewell, it is also an opportunity to celebrate the rich history and culture of heavy metal and rock in the country. Pinoy metalhead fans will forever carry the memories and camaraderie forged within these hallowed halls. Though this chapter may be closing, the heavy metal spirit lives on, ensuring that the legacy of Pulp Summerslam will never be forgotten.

Photos by Marc Caratao

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