A Night of Nostalgia: Boys Like Girls in Manila Concert Takes Fans on a Sentimental Journey

The night where Boys Like Girls and We The Kings brought a tsunami of nostalgia crashing down on Manila. 

This concert was a stark contrast to their 2022 show, which was a celebration of their greatest hits. This time, the band delved deep into their musical vault, pulling out a treasure trove of their oldest songs, many of which haven't been played live in years.

We The Kings started the show. They played the crowd’s favorite Sad Song and Check Yes Juliet, they even hyped the crowd with their new song and taught them the steps that the vocalist’s daughter made! Everyone squat and jumped! The energy inside the Smart Araneta Coliseum was unimaginable.

Boys Like Girls came to the stage and the show started with Love Drunk and Sunday at Foxwoods. But to our surprise, they played and medleyed a lot of their old songs. The meticulously crafted medley was a masterstroke. Each song flowed seamlessly into the next, creating a tapestry of memories that transported the audience back to a simpler time the 2000s, their first and second albums. 

It was a journey through the band's early years, a time of teenage angst and unbridled passion, perfectly captured in their music. Imagine hearing Thunder and then Stuck In The Middle in one song. Who would have thought you could also hear Broken Man + Vindicated in 2024? The boys surprised the audience too with Twice’s ‘Can’t Stop Me and a lot of once brought their Candybongs! An emo punk kpop fusion in 5 minutes.

By the end of the show, everyone was stunned when Martin told the crowd to record the song - The Great Escape then the band stopped in the middle, asked the crowd to keep their phones and enjoy the concert like it’s the 2000s, they played The Great Escape again! Mashed with Love Drunk. Everyone started jumping around, this time, the coliseum was shaking.

The atmosphere was palpable. Everyone in the crowd was swept up in a wave of emotions. We sang along, not just to the lyrics, but to the memories each song evoked. It was a beautiful display of the power of music to connect us to our past and the people who shared it with us.

The night wasn't without its surprises. During the encore, as the band launched into their iconic "Two is Better Than One," a heart-stopping moment unfolded - A man in the crowd, emboldened by the emotional resonance of the song, dropped to one knee and proposed to his girlfriend! The roar of the crowd was deafening, a perfect blend of shock, joy, and pure rock and roll spirit. It was a testament to the power of live music to create truly unforgettable moments.

Boys Like Girls' Manila concert wasn't just a performance; it was a reunion. It was a chance for fans to reconnect with a band that soundtracked a significant part of their lives. It was a night filled with nostalgia, powerful emotions, and an unexpected marriage proposals – a perfect recipe for a concert experience.

Photos by Christian Melanie Lee for Manila Concert Junkies

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