Momentous Lola Amour's album launch concert

Christian Melanie Lee
As the night set last April 13 at Globe Circuit Events Grounds, lots of fans gathered at the venue. igniting the night with vibrant colors and confetti, The air buzzed with anticipation before the first instrument struck. The crowd erupted as the OPM band Lola Amour took the stage. Their energy was infectious, each hit songs, Fallen, Pwede Ba and Raining in Manila a wave of sound that swept everyone along.

The atmosphere was electric as Any Names Okay, Cup of Joe and Player
Two with SB19's Felip stepped into the spotlight. With a reputation for
singing along with their fans to melodies, they did not disappoint.

The highlight of the night was not just their album launch but a surprise guest appearance by the band's former keyboardist, Martin Kim did the Korean version of “Pwede Ba”, syncing perfectly with his acoustic guitar that throbbed through the heart of the crowd.

As they concluded their set, the applause was thunderous, a testament to the unforgettable impact Lola Amour had on this memorable album launch event.

Photos by Marc Caratao

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