Embracing ENGENE: Enhypen on Their Popularity in the Philippines

Celine Conde

What is it about Enhypen that makes them such a phenomenon in the Philippines? Is it their catchy lyrics, stunning visuals, powerful performances, or synchronized choreography? As we witnessed during their fourth visit in the country, this time for “A Sweet Experience" FUN MEET with popular fashion brand BENCH, the answer goes beyond these surface elements. It lies in the deep, genuine CONNECTion they share with Filipino ENGENE.

The septet returned to the Philippines just three months after their Fate Tour in New Clark City, but the excitement felt as if they haven’t visited in years. During the media conference, leader Jungwon encapsulated the group's sentiments perfectly, mentioning that they’re always happy to come back because it always feels like a heartfelt homecoming. Jake highlighted the passion of Filipino fans, sharing about the incredible energy they give and how it equally energizes the group.

Ni-Ki, the group's Trendsetter x Humble King, revealed that they always imagine ENGENE in front of them whenever they practice and prepare for shows, manifesting their constant awareness of their fans' presence. From the way they kept mentioning about their fans, it was obvious that they carry ENGENE in their hearts, just as ENGENE carries them in theirs.


When asked about Tagalog words they know, Sunoo charmed the crowd with a few phrases like "Kumusta?,” “Salamat po,” “Mahal Kita,” and “POGI." Jungwon and Sunoo simultaneously said "SUNOO POGI" and were met with roaring approval from the media who couldn't help but swoon (especially me!). Heeseung also mentioned that he likes dried mangoes here because they were sweet, and the other members heartily revealed that he also ate them the night before. The laughs and small interactions between the members really showcased their playful and affectionate nature.


As ambassadors, Enhypen has really embraced their role as #GlobalBENCHSetter. When asked about their fashion sense, Jay pointed cutely to Sunghoon as the most fashionable member who always tries something new by looking at trends. Sunghoon, in turn, shared his fondness for some pieces, especially the varsity jacket from their collaboration collection.

The fan meet itself was a whirlwind of emotion and excitement. Enhypen kicked off the event with a powerful performance of "Paradoxxx Invasion." The evening was filled with interactive segments. They showed iconic scenes from their content, played games like Spot The Difference, and engaged with fans through a Twinning Aegyo battle. Lucky fans wearing BENCH merchandise similar to the members were given the chance to participate. To cap off the SWEET EXPERIENCE, they performed “Sweet Venom” before taking the time to say bye to everyone.

Throughout their short but sweet stay, it was evident that their enduring love for their fans is at the heart of everything they do.  The group’s insight into why they have such a solid fanbase all boils down to their unbreakable bond built on mutual affection that transcends language barriers.

In the end, the love for Enhypen in the Philippines is rooted in more than just their talent and visuals. It's their down-to-earth yet dynamic personalities, their unwavering commitment to their craft, and the heartfelt CONNECTions they continue to foster with their fans. Each visit feels like a homecoming because, to Filipino ENGENE, Enhypen is not just any K-pop group—they are family.

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