Filipino fans mesmerized for one night with IU for HEREH in Manila

Christian Melanie Lee

South Korean singer and actress Lee Ji-eun, also known as IU returned in the country after five years since her Love, Poem tour in 2019. 37,000 attendees made history who watched HEREH World Tour In Manila (Bulacan) last Saturday, June 1. 


IU's HEREH in Manila --- magical night with Ma-aenas. Photo credit: Pulp Live World and EDAM Entertainment.

The three-hour and ten minutes concert which Maaenas proves in one night how powerful the songs of IU to everyone in the crowd. Still in awe with the VCRs, fascinated with the lights while singing along with IU. IU's magical voice touched every heart and soul of Maaenas that evening.   

37,000 attendees for HEREH in Manila. IU breaks the record for the most attended concert at Philippine Arena.
Photo credit: Pulp Live World and EDAM Entertainment.

From Holssi to the en-encore songs such as Strawberry Moon, and Well..., it was worth the wait to hear the songs that we played in our part of our lives.

Gushed over when IU sang "Someday" from Dream High OST, and Give You My Heart from Crash Landing on You OST. Never in my lifetime hearing it while enjoyed every moment of the show.

IU during en-encore.
Photo credit: Pulp Live World and EDAM Entertainment.

Ma-aenas are loud as ever! She was stunned over the loud scream of the fans. "It's the first time since I was born to hear this much of screams," she said during her ment. Everyone await to sing their heart out to Good Day which the crowd surprised IU.

One of the highlight of the concert is when IU sang her version of Sunkissed Lola's Pasilyo, every words in the said song, she delivered it perfectly. She promised the crowd that she will be back sooner. "I won't let you wait for another five years," she uttered.

Seeing her on stage, it was a dream come true. Waited for 5 years to others who had the chance to see her for the first time, and to her constant Filipino UAENAS that has been with her since she started her career in 2008. 

Special thanks to Pulp Live World and EDAM Entertainment. 

IU's HEREH World Tour in Manila setlist

[Part 1 - Hypnotic]
Jam Jam
Ah puh

[Part 2 - Energetic]
I stan U

- Heart as bgm

[Part 3 - Romantic]
Meaning of You
Through the Night

[Part 4 - Ecstatic]
Above the Time
Love wins all

[Encore - Heroic]
Holssi (rock ver.)

[Fan Sing-Along]
Good Day

Give you my heart (Crash Landing On You song)
My Sea (1 verse)
Strawberry Moon
Well (Rock version)

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