PH IDs Perfect First Date with Kim Hanbin at the B.I Offline First Fan Meeting in Manila

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Philippine IDs had a perfect first date with Kim Hanbin, (stage name B.I) during his fan meeting in Manila entitled “B.I Offline First (1st) Fan Meeting in Manila” held yesterday at the New Frontier Theatre.

B.I joined her fans in an imaginary date at the Amusement Park wearing a duck costume, while eating a lollipop and riding into a merry-go-around (aka unicorn balloon) which his fans choose from. He also gave sexy poses for the photos and chosen a necklace to give his fans as a remembrance on their date.

He also ended the imaginary date confessing his feelings to PH IDs in Tagalog saying “Mahal na Mahal Kita” (I Love You So Much), that everyone fall in love with him more.


Like any fan meetings being held in the Philippines, games and interview were part of the program, but what we didn’t anticipate was how much GAME B.I was with all the fans request. 

During the ‘What’s in the Box?” game, B.I did all the penalties - dancing through girl group songs, doing push ups, and acting cute, even though he had guessed some of the items hidden in the box. He even added push up penalties because the fans wanted more and he was just being cool about it.

Some of the items being guessed were: guyabano, snake toy, dried mango and abanico.

We also got to know more about B.I as we watched a short video interview done by two cute puppies namely: Yeon Tan (131 Neighborhood Puppy) and Milk (131 Senior Intern). According to their cute interview with B.I:

  • He will look around if he woke up as a puppy;
  • He will become a physicist if he were not an artist;
  • He will recommend the korean food cheonggukjang;
  • He will recommend the song ‘Rebirth’ because it is not a farewell or one sided feeling;
  • He will live in jeju island after a month or relax on a guest house without thinking of the world (bucket list); and
  • He will give out vitamins injection to restore strength.

Lastly, Hanbin also shared his dream as an artist. He said that he wanted to follow the footsteps of artists in the grammys, get his songs on billboard, and hold a concert tour.


B.I performed 7 of his songs on the fan meeting setlist – “Waterfall”, “illa illa”, “Lover”, “Flame”, “BTBT”, “Cosmos”, and “Re-birth”.

PH IDs got emotional when a fan project video was played showcasing how happy PH IDs were that B.I found his way back to them after so many years.


PH IDs were in awe when B.I surprised them with his “Gray” performance while getting closer to them. In other countries, B.I performed his song “Remember Me” but he changed it in Manila which made it more special. 

B.I ended the first fanmeeting in Manila, the last stop on his Asian Fan Meeting, on a thankful note and said that he was thankful to have spent the time with the PH IDs and he had a great time. He also informed them that he is preparing for an album and a lot of concert tour so everyone should watch out for it.

B.I. Offline First (1st) Fan Meeting in Manila was presented by Three Angles Production.

Photos taken by Christian Melanie Lee for Manila Concert Junkies

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