5 New Things You Should Know About Thai Heartthrob Gulf Kanawut

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It’s been a few days since Thai heartthrob Gulf Kanawut graced the New Frontier Theater stage for his 1st Manila fan meeting last October 2. Filipino ‘phiballs’ still can’t get enough of his visit and so are we! Here are five new things we should know about Gulf after his press conference.

1.     A Role He Wishes to Portray in The Future

When Gulf was asked about a favorite role, he answered that he is okay with portraying any as long as it feels good to him. In the 2019 hit Thai boys-love series “TharnType: The Series”, he portrayed the lead character of Type who at first was a sporty homophobe bad-ass but eventually ended up falling in love with the other male lead character Tharn. The series ended up showing how sweet Type was to his partner. So, when Gulf was asked what other role he wishes to portray in the future, he told us that in his next project, he wants to become a villain—someone who is good on the outside but bad on the inside. Would you want Gulf to be a protagonist in his next project?

2.     Current Music Playlist

The Thai actor told us that he listens to a playlist with songs by K6Y, a Thai music artist who is known for his Thai rap and hip hop music. Listen to “Hug”, one of K6Y’s most popular songs featuring LazyLoxy and JayRun.

3.     Dream Project

Known as a sports enthusiast in real life, Gulf told us that he would have become a sports actor had he not become an actor. Because of his love of football, he shared with us his dream of playing the sport with his fans on a single field. It will surely be an extra fun day of kicks and goals! What do you think the pitch will look like if it gets filled with fans?

4.     Things He Wants to Do in The Philippines

Gulf really likes nature, that's why he would like to visit Cebu if he gets some free time. He also told us, in all smiles, that he would like to try eating at the Philippine’s homegrown fast-food chain, Jollibee. The multi-awarded artist would also love to work with Filipino singer and actress Sarah Geronimo. Gulf already showed his ‘Tala’ dance moves at the fan meeting, and we can’t wait for the Gulf-Sarah collab version!

5.     On Motivation

The “TharnType: The Series” actor left his Filipino fans with some inspiring words. When asked for his motto in life, Gulf said that he believes in the Thai saying which when translated in English means “Sometimes when you get tired, don’t move backwards. Just pause.”  The other way around, he would love to hear “Susu na!” or “fighting” from his fans. That alone will help and motivate him to continue and improve his craft.

One day is not enough for all the interactions and getting-to-know. Filipino fans for sure can’t wait for Gulf Kanawut’s return.

From all of us in Manila Concert Junkies, Susu na khap, nong Gulf and ‘till we meet again!

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