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It’s not an imagination anymore, it’s real, and they were here: WayV has finally graced Manila shores for their first solo fan meeting in the country with WayV FANMEETING Tour: Phantom In Manila! Kun, Ten, Xiaojun, YangYang, and Hendery met with the Philippine WayZenNis last March 26, 2023, in Smart Araneta Coliseum, presented by DNM Entertainment & IN2UNE Entertainment. The long-awaited fan meet is the group's 1st stop for their global fan meeting tour and it was packed with a lot of memorable moments that will be core memories for both WayZenNis and WayV members.

With all the explosive performances and fun and cute interactions, here’s what we unpacked with the fan meeting.

We Got that Kick Back

WayV did not let the fans breathe immediately when they performed “Kick Back”, plucked directly from their 3rd Mini Album KICK BACK, and “Try My Luck” from their latest 4th Mini Album PHANTOM for the opening. The members of WayV performed with much vigor and passion that was immediately received with enthusiasm from the fans. Right after they performed these songs, they went on a segment that shared a lot of personal stuff by introducing Hendery’s bag with passcode 117, which signifies their debut group as a unit.


Most of the stuff that was in the bag were Filipino memorabilia like the ‘abanico’ and even the famous ‘Good Morning’ towel! The members also pointed out that they enjoyed the snacks that they tried and were delighted to see the welcome pictures that the fans gave them. Earlier before their concert, the members were spotted in Intramuros strolling and taking pictures, even Ten catching up with a fan who works in a coffee shop. With this, they got some pamphlets as a guide and YangYang even jokingly boasted and told his members that he can be their guide when they come back to the Philippines.

Speaking of YangYang, his mom appeared in the crowd as the members of WayV thanked her for giving them gifts that will help them in their activities as idols. She also gracefully posed for a picture with some of the Philippine WayZenNis outside the coliseum! The fans claimed she was so nice and had a warm energy around her. No wonder YangYang is so bubbly and is a radiant sunshine himself.

They continued unveiling the contents of the bag with some pictures they took the last time they were in the country. With this, they recalled a viral video of a fan screaming for them while she was on a Viking ride at MOA amusement park. Turns out, the fan is also at the event! What a fun reunion!

After this segment, the boys proceed to the next portion and called it a special stage.

Special Stage by WayV

Before they went on with the special stage they prepared, YangYang exposed their leader Kun for what he said backstage. The segment they prepared included the boys wearing cute headbands. And according to YangYang, Kun claimed he felt like a “princess” that day and also said, “I’m always a princess!” Sure enough, Kun wore a tiara for the special stage, claiming his princess title!


The special stage is about covering their co-SM artist's songs, starting with Illusion by aespa, Candy originally sung by H.O.T. and covered by NCT Dream and SHINee’s Sherlock. The members were not sure what image the fans wanted from WayV, so they ended up preparing 3 songs with different concepts, from sexy to cute to powerful stages to satisfy the WayZenNis. Mission accomplished, as the fans continued to cheer for the boys with their green lightsticks waving vigorously.

After this well-thought special stage, the members slowed the night down with a beautiful ballad called “Broken Love” also from their PHANTOM mini album. It was enough and appropriate to slow us all down as the whole night has been heart-pounding as the members of WayV continue to charm their fans with their naturally bubbly personas.

Turning it up a few notches with an R&B song, the quintet performed “Dream Launch” from their 1st digital EP, THE VISION. They got closer to the fans during this stage and said goodbye to the crowd just for a bit of another portion of the evening.

Love Talk

Spicing it up a bit, WayV performed their most streamed song on Spotify, a flirty single they released in 2019 called “Love Talk” which has an insanely catchy chorus and melody. It’s streamed over 121 million times and you can hear why it is, especially when the boys also matched the song with choreography that made your heart stop.


After the stage, the members noticed some fans were dancing along, so Ten gave them a challenge and taught them the steps for “Dream Launch.” They moved to the next stage and dazzled the crowd and the members described it as “mysterious”, “icy” and has “a lot of swag.” They sparkled performing “Diamonds Only”, another song from PHANTOM.

“Nectar” was up next in the set list that was included in the NCT RESONANCE Pt. 1, NCT’s whole unit album. The members once again noticed how the fans received the song and gave so much energy that they mentioned they would want to stay with the Filo WayZenNis for a week! No one beats the Filipino crowd as this isn’t the first time we’ve heard this from international artists.

Kun and Xiaojun went and hung out with the fans while the 3 members, Hendery, Ten, and YangYang went backstage to change for the next segment. Kun and Xiaojun both sang for the fans and talked about their favorite stages. After the first three members came back from changing, Hendery, Ten, and YangYang also took turns in talking about their favorite stages and even teased the fans with “Low Low”, a single released by Ten and YangYang. The members again pointed out that the energy the fans are giving surprised them and are very touched by how the lightsticks are pulled out and the banners being waved. WayV talked briefly about how the leader Kun injured his leg and how they said that he should not dance. Kun insisted he wants to dance to not disappoint the fans and mentioned that he will regret not dancing for the Filipino fans. All the love and support the fans are giving is worth it with this revelation. Xiaojun also teased Ten for not doing a move for the song “Nectar”, where the latter was supposed to kiss the former during the choreography to which Ten responded, “I’m too scared…” but “My kiss is expensive, so next time.” NEXT TIME? Needless to say, the fans going wild at that remark is acceptable.

The members of WayV continued their gratitude by saying that they know it’s difficult to commute or travel to the venue to see them, but they truly appreciate the effort. They promised they will see the Filipino fans soon and the fans sure know that that is going to happen, as the group previously promised the same before and here they are!

The group collected themselves for one last performance before the encore and it’s the intense and strong namesake of their 4th mini album “Phantom” that delivered an SM signature song with a powerful bombastic chorus with layered vocals and a theatrical feel to it that the boys performed well. A great conclusion to the segment before the encore stage.


The members of WayV came out in a more comfortable set of clothes for a feel-good, yet hard-hitting song that I’m sure we call all relate to. The “Good Life” stage was carefree, without actual choreography that gave room for interacting with fans and the lyrics being relatable with, “I want to know what that’s like, what that’s like, no problems, good life.” The crowd got a glimpse of what that life is as we had that night to enjoy life a little as all concerts go with all our favorite artists. A little getaway from the problems we all face every day.

To commemorate the event, they took a picture of the fans, with another promise that they will come back real soon. They also humbly thanked people who made the show possible from the staff, security, camera, and lights crew, and everyone else who put the show together.

The members of WayV seem to not want to leave the Philippine crowd, with Ten saying that he will remember this night for a long period, with the energy of the Filipino WayZenNis etched in his memories. They did a little fashion show, Kun doing it first and Hendery and YangYang doing it next and Ten and Xiaojun doing it last. They keep on saying they don’t want to leave and stayed a little longer on stage with the fans, and even thanked their translator.

Why would they want to leave when the best fans and crowd in the world are right here? Our passion as fans does not waver, always loyal and the Philippine WayZenNis are no exception who surely going to wait for the return of the group.

Full set of photos here.

Words by Arielle Elep

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