5 Essential Songs to Prep You for Mark Tuan's 'The Other Side' Solo Concert in Manila

Gwyn Javier

PH Ahgases, Get ready to pumped for 'The Other Side' Concert in Manila!

Excitement is reaching fever pitch among Filipino Ahgases as GOT7's very own Mark Tuan is set to grace Manila with his first-ever solo concert, 'The Other Side,' on January 14, 2024, at SM North EDSA, Skydome. Presented by the renowned Pulp Live World, this event promises to be a historic moment for K-pop fans in the Philippines.

Mark Tuan, known for his multifaceted talents as a singer, rapper, and dancer, is embarking on a new chapter in his musical journey. 'The Other Side' is not just a concert; it's a celebration of Mark's artistic evolution and a chance for fans to experience his solo work up close and personal.

Here are 5 songs to spin before 'The Other Side' Concert:

'Outta My Head': Kick off your Mark Tuan concert prep with the infectious beats of "Outta My Head." This track not only showcases Mark's signature smooth vocals but also sets the tone for the electrifying energy you can expect at 'The Other Side.' Get ready to be grooving and singing along when this one hits the stage.

Never Gonna Come Down' (with Bibi): Collaborated with the talented Bibi, Mark Tuan takes fans on a musical journey with "Never Gonna Come Down." The dynamic fusion of their voices creates a captivating vibe that's both refreshing and irresistible. As you listen, imagine the magic that will unfold when Mark performs this live in Manila.

'Fallin': Dive into Mark's solo repertoire with "Fallin'," a track that showcases his evolving style and musical maturity. The mesmerizing melody and introspective lyrics provide a glimpse into the artist's solo journey. Familiarize yourself with this gem to fully appreciate the depth Mark brings to 'The Other Side.'

'IMYSM' (I Miss You So Much): Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of emotions with "IMYSM." Mark's heartfelt delivery and emotive lyrics make this a standout track in his solo career. As you listen, imagine the intimate connection that will be forged between Mark and the Manila audience during this soulful performance.

Last Breath':
Before witnessing Mark's first solo concert, revisit the poignant "Last Breath." As a member of GOT7, Mark delivered this emotional track, showcasing his versatility as both a rapper and vocalist. This song serves as a reminder of Mark's artistic depth and the exciting musical journey he's undertaken.

Mark Tuan's 'The Other Side' solo concert on January 14, 2024, at SM North EDSA, Skydome, promises to be a night to remember. Presented by Pulp Live World, fans can elevate their concert experience by immersing themselves in the magic of these five essential songs. From high-energy beats to soul-stirring ballads, get ready for a musical feast that celebrates Mark Tuan's extraordinary talent..

Save the date, January 14, 2024, and join fellow Ahgases in welcoming Mark Tuan to Manila for an evening of music, emotion, and celebration at 'The Other Side.' It's not just a concert; it's a rendezvous with the heart and soul of a K-pop icon.

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