Yesung's Unfading Sense Solo Performance in Manila Leaves Hearts Aflutter

Gwyn Javier

PH Clouds and ELFs had a heartfelt connection with Yesung once again. Yesung, one of the acclaimed member of Super Junior, graced the stage of the New Frontier Theater in Manila on January 6, 2024, for his much-anticipated solo concert, "Unfading Sense." The evening unfolded as a blooming garden of music, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of fans who gathered to witness the concert.

Yesung kicked off the night with the enchanting "Scented Things," setting the tone for a concert filled with warmth and tenderness. Expressing his joy at being back in the Philippines, Yesung shared, "I can't count how many times I've visited your country and saw my Clouds/Elfs. I'll give my best tonight." The New Frontier Theater echoed with cheers as fans found their way with Yesung's silhouette, creating an atmosphere of pure excitement.

During the first MENT, Yesung playfully engaged the audience by asking about their preferences for his hairstyle, eliciting enthusiastic cheers of "Pogi! Pogi!" (handsome) as he mentioned that is his first show for this year and did a haircut for his Filipino fans. The night continued to unfold with Yesung's soulful rendition of "No More Love," accompanied by a full band, and the audience was treated to the emotional journey of "Butterfly," where Clouds and PH ELFs sang along, creating a harmonious connection with Yesung's floral sense.

As Yesung serenaded the crowd with hits like "Moment" and "4 Seasons," the atmosphere became electric, culminating in the heartwarming moment when Yesung expressed his gratitude, saying, "You are BEAUTIFUL tonight." The singer, looking dashing in glasses, revealed that he wore them to see his fans better, a gesture that won the hearts of many.

The night unfolded with a series of hits, including "Bear Hug," "Lost Heart," and the special performance of Cinderella's Sister OST "It Has To Be You," evoking nostalgia and fond memories. Yesung's sincerity shone through as he expressed his wishes for the support of Super Junior and a promise to return to Manila for more memorable encounters.

The encore stage brought Yesung back to the spotlight, holding the iconic Super Junior lightstick, and performing hits like "Like Us." As the concert drew to a close, Yesung introduced his band members and expressed his desire to visit countries he had never been to before.

A special video project from Filipino fans touched Yesung's heart, and he expressed his admiration for the beauty of the Philippines, hoping to explore its wonders in the future. The final notes of "I am" resonated through the New Frontier Theater, marking the end of an extraordinary night.

In a heartfelt farewell, Yesung expressed his gratitude, saying, "Love you Philippines, Miss you, See you again!" The 'Unfading Sense' concert in Manila was more than a musical event; it was a testament to the profound connection between Yesung and his Filipino fans, a night that will forever be etched in the memories of those who experienced the magic firsthand.

Special thanks to PULP LIVE WORLD for making this event possible. 

Words by Gwyn Marie Javier

Photos by Christian Melanie Lee

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