Mark Tuan's The Other Side Tour in Manila: A Night of Music, Emotion, and Unforgettable Moments with Ahgases

Gwyn Javier

“It means a lot to have you on my first tour.” - Mark Tuan

Manila witnessed a historic evening on January 14, 2024, as GOT7's Mark Tuan took the stage at SM North Edsa Skydome for his first solo concert, 'The Other Side.' The venue pulsated with energy as fans, affectionately known as Ahgases, gathered to celebrate this iconic first solo show of Mark Tuan.

The night commenced with Wesdaboy setting the stage on fire with his performance of "3AM!" The crowd was treated to a preview of unreleased tracks, creating an atmosphere of anticipation for what was to follow.

Wesdaboy's in the house for Mark Tuan's show in Manila

Mark Tuan emerged, not just as a performer, but as an honest and vulnerable artist. With a soul-baring rendition of "After Hours," followed by emotionally charged performances of "Save Me," "Change Up," and the crowd favorite "Last Breath," Mark showcased the depth and versatility of his musical prowess.

Addressing the audience, Mark expressed his gratitude, stating, "It means a lot to have you on my first tour." The connection between the artist and his fans was palpable throughout the evening, culminating in a unique 'shot puno' moment, demonstrating Mark's playful interaction with the audience.

The setlist unfolded like a musical journey, with Mark performing hits like "Far Away," "Let U Go," and "My Life." The crowd joined in, singing along to every word, proving that Mark Tuan's music has become an integral part of the lives of Filipino Ahgases.

The emotional spectrum widened as Mark delved into the heart-wrenching "Lonely," a song that laid bare his deepest emotions. The concert hall resonated with the soulful notes of "Never Gonna Come Down," a collaboration with BIBI, and the sentimental "More."

The dynamic "2 Faces" with Wesdaboy, the heartrending "Lonely," and the upbeat "Carry Me Out" brought a diverse array of emotions to the forefront, showcasing Mark's versatility as an artist.

A touching moment occurred as the PH Ahgases presented a special video message for Mark Tuan, a gesture that undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the artist. Mark reciprocated the love, expressing, "Filo Ahgases will always cherish the moment tonight."

As the night approached its conclusion, Mark reminded fans, "I want you guys to know we're still GOT7." The final performance of "IMYSM" left the crowd on an emotional high, and as Mark took his final bow with his crew, it was evident that 'The Other Side' had not just been a concert but an immersive experience uniting artist and fans in a celebration of music and shared memories.

Hands down to Mark Tuan and his crew for delivering a night that will linger in the hearts of Ahgases, a night that reaffirmed the enduring bond between the artist and his fans. As Mark himself stated, "I’m here with you, guys I’m gonna be here for you guys," leaving no doubt that the journey of Mark Tuan and his Filipino fans is far from over.

Mark Tuan's 'The Other Side' Asia Tour in Manila is presented by PULP LIVE WORLD. 

Check out our photos from the event here: (please insert the link)

Words by: Gwyn Marie Javier
Photos by: Christian Melanie Lee

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