Byeon Woo-Seok on doing "Lovely Runner", heartwarming welcome by Filipino fans

Christian Melanie Lee

"Lovely Runner" star Byeon Woo-seok pulled up a surprised to the members of the PH media during his exclusive press conference last Friday, June 21.

Byeon Woo-Seok during his exclusive press conference in Manila. (Photo credit: VARO and PULP Live World)

Upon entering, he gave out flowers to the media individually which was never done by everyone, local and international artists in a presscon. The 32-year old South Korean actor and former model --- he's charmer off screen as well.

SURPRISE! Byeon Woo-Seok's charming gesture toward to the members of the PH press during his exclusive press conference by giving out flowers. (Photo credit: VARO and PULP Live World)

He held his 2024 Byeon Woo-Seok Asia Fanmeeting Tour: Summer Letter In Manila at the New Frontier Theater last June 22 which was quickly sold out. 

It's his first time visiting the country. “It’s so nice to be here in the Philippines finally and when I arrived here yesterday, there were so many fans who welcomed us (at the airport). I was so thrilled and excited and I’m actually looking forward to all of this,” he said.

His role as Ryu Sunjae, he fell in love with his character. He wanted to do different kind of role in a drama. Woo-seok also mentioned that some of his favorite scenes from the said KDrama series: the father-son scene, and his confessions to Im Sol which was played by Kim Hye-yoon.

(Photo credit: VARO and PULP Live World)

Woo-seok still overwhelmed with the heartwarming reception to his character in Lovely Runner. He also mentioned that he will be working on a new project soon. 

With his popularity, “Everything itself, my day-to-day (experience) has been a big surprise. Like yesterday, at the airport, I saw a huge crowd. That was amazing and amusing on my end. Also me, just doing this presscon, it’s one of my dreams come true. Until now, I’m still not used to this sudden attention. It’s actually like a dream.”

(Photo credit: VARO and PULP Live World)

He was asked during the press conference if he didn't pursue acting, he would love to be managing his own coffee shop. “But I don’t drink coffee. I just want to serve coffee.”

He expressed his gratitude to his Filipino fans, “I’m very grateful that you all remember me and appreciate me, showing me your love as Sun-jae of the ‘Lovely Runner.’ I think as an actor, that is one of the greatest achievements that your character is well-loved.”

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